About this site

So, what about this site?

This website with the funny name is actually named after our initials, Between the Lakes Group LLC.

It’s intention is to make it easier to find things on our main website, www.betweenthelakes.com

We also hope that if you are a frequent visitor (and if you’re not, we invite you to become one) you’ll use this site to find out what’s new.

So, why an “about this site” website at all?  Why a website to make another website easier to use?  Well, that’s easy.  Our main site is packed so full of historical information that it’s hard for Google to understand, and, yes, it’s also just a bit difficult to navigate on a smartphone or smaller tablet.

about this siteAlso, our catalog is based largely on geographic location — yet people today often look for historical themes, or subjects, or trends.  Here, when we announce a new publication, we can at least attempt to provide other “hooks” that curious readers might find useful.

So, this site represents a way to solve some of these problems and make our historical information more accessible to you, regardless of what kind of device you are using or how you want to approach our information.

Take a look at our Special Topics for a look at some historical subject we cover.

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