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Between the Lakes Group - recovering local history
Between the Lakes Group: helping you recover history!

Between the Lakes Group is a small local history business located in rural northwestern Connecticut.  We’ve been a business active in the local history and genealogy since 1999.  We published our first genealogy book back in 1988. Our parents and grandparents were collecting local history and genealogy material long, long before that.

So, we’ve got lots for you to check out.

Can we help?

Perhaps we can help you find that elusive bit of local history that will let you (choose one or more)

  1. Break through that “brick wall”  in your genealogy.  Everyone has them, and if yours is located in an area we have material on, we might have that tidbit that you need.
  2. Find out what things really were like back in the old days.  There’s no source like one that was written contemporaneously with the people it’s written about.  Possibly we have something to help you with that.
  3. Discover what people thought back then.  It’s often a surprise how differently people a century ago or more thought about things; often much different from the ways people do today.
  4. Learn a whole lot more about a locality and who lived there.  Some of our most popular material is old gazetteers and directories of communities and counties.  The more you know about the local history of an area, the more educated your guesses and assumptions about the area and what happened there will be.
  5. Avoid an expensive trip to visit a historical society or library.  Don’t get us wrong — we love historical societies and libraries!  We’ve centered whole vacations about visiting one or two of them.  But when you consider the cost of transportation, and lodging, and admission (more and more libraries and historical societies charge admission today), the costs can rapidly go past the reasonable.  What if you spend the money, make the trip, and find nothing?  You can search our catalog for free, and we hope you will!

Interested?  Maybe we can help, particularly if you’re thinking about the northeastern states, especially New York State and Connecticut!

About the website

Here, we talk about our more comprehensive (or more popular, or newest) offerings.  Sometimes we comment on how we found some of the history or genealogy, or provide a little background information about it.  Occasionally we talk about research methods that have worked for us.   Try the “search” box to see if any of the material featured is what you’re looking for.  Regardless, you’ll  definitely want to try our REAL catalog search, which is HERE.

We also have a menu of special categories of material that you may find interesting.

To really see what we have to offer, you’ll probably want to visit our full local history and genealogy catalog — you can find it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!  Consider bookmarking this page for the next time you’re working on finding your local history.

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